Mohammed Idrish Farazy

Founder Chairman & Managing Director

What we at National Exchange Company care about is touching people's lives and making a positive difference. A difference in bringing people closer together, shattering communication barriers, and helping develop the communities we are a part of through the money transfer. Our philosophy and commitment to making a difference by reaching out and working together with all our stakeholders is thus our driving force and our guiding principle, be it in our collaboration with our customers, our employees, our partners, our suppliers or our shareholders.

We aim to be a leader in the money transfer industry by employing advanced technology, offering attention to detail and maintaining a level of excellence from the top down. With our own centralized online software we accommodate a branch network consisting more than 600+ branches all over Italy. Through our correspondents we have our presence over more than 90 countries at present. Our ever expanding correspondents are selected by their stability and reliability. We strictly adhere to Bank of Italy rules & regulations and their AML policies and also to the relative country's rules & regulations. We use our own centralized system called NEC through which we collect remittances and send to the correspondents as per their required method. Our system is fast, secured and user friendly. So, most of our correspondents use our centralized system to operate the method to their ends.

National Exchange has become one of the leading money transfer providers, with over 16000 locations and operates in 90 countries worldwide by partnering with global leaders in money transferring operation. We have pioneered new standards in fund transfer services since our establishment, ever staying ahead of competition with advanced and slick enhancements in the technology, operations and customer service spheres.

"Togetherness" is therefore not simply a word we frame in our offices; it is a way of living and a way to approach problems and to find solutions. Today is present in over 90 countries and is still expanding. We want to establish National exchange Company touch points in every corner of the globe where anyone, anywhere can send a money transfer, we believe access to financial services is not a luxury, it's a necessity. National Exchange Company is changing quickly. Building on our strong global fundamentals - our brand, agent network and regulatory expertise - we are creating a more dynamic organization and product set focused on the underserved market - economically viable consumers and businesses whose financial services needs are not being met fully by other segments of the industry.