National Exchange Company is one of the leading money transfer company incorporated in the year 2003 in Italy with a total annual gross earning of EUR 3 million in 2012 where working capital was EUR 1.2 million. National Exchange Company started their official journey from 4th April of 2004. Our Head Office is situated in Rome, Italy.

With our own centralized online software we accommodate a branch network consisting more than 600+ branches all over Italy. Through our correspondents we have our presence over more than 90 countries at present. Our ever expanding correspondents are selected by their stability and reliability. We strictly adhere to Bank of Italy rules & regulations and their AML policies and also to the relative country's rules & regulations.

Client's main attraction to National Exchange Company is the fast and reliable service with a lower commission. Our employees work hard to make sure that our services meet our client expectations. We have had substantial growth over the years. More we are known more requests are made by immigrants to expand our company in their countries. We can see unlimited opportunities that this business has to offer but we grow smoothly and legally, we take steps to provide a better service to all immigrants who need to send money to their families and to their own future well being.

National Exchange Company Commenced business in the year 2003 with the Ufficio Italiano dei Cambi license number 35830 (UIC = Department under Bank of Italy)

Ufficio Itliano dei cambi acted as the regulation authority and was made a department of Bank of Italy in 2008.Their previous web address was still the web address will automatically direct to the correct page under Bank of Italy's web site In 2011 the Banca D'Italia changed the legislation for Money Transfer Companies. Therefore the category was changed from 'Money Transfer Company' to 'Paying Institution'. Our subscription number as a paying Institution is 328302. Money Transfer Companies who couldn't obtain the subscription as a paying institution are not allowed to do Money Transferring legally since 2011.

Law Related: Iscritta nell'Albo degli Istituti di Pagamento di cui al DECRETO LEGISLATIVO 27 gennaio2010,

subscripton : n'. 11 con il numero 32830 Link : Albo degli Istituti di pagamento pdf 76 kB

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